Memory & Wasted Lands Episode 02

Still want more? Patrons can listen to the Hobo’s Aftershow where Crab Dominion, Jason Vey, That Blue Wizard and Logar the Barbarian talk a bit about The Year Zero Engine, Castles & Crusades and much more here:

This week’s episode is available early on Patreon for backers here: ┬áIt releases in the public feed on Thursday morning June 29th.

Check out our sponsor Brooklet Games here: Back on Patreon here:

We talk with Crab Domion about Memory for Motherhsip, you can check out the video and back the Kickstarter here:

We also get a chance to talk to Jason Vey about Wasted Lands the Dreaming Role Playing Game is here on Kickstarter:

Hear about The Devil Game From Crab Dominion here:

Jason Vey also joined us back in November of 2022 to talk about the new edition of Amazing Adventures, and we got to talk to him in July of 2022 about Night Shift as well:

You can check out Mothership here:

And a few Snakes and Ladders boards we liked:

Snakes & Ladders

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