Episode 03: Basic Fantasy RPG 4th Edition

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So this weeks episode I am a huge fan of our guests as they have been working on a project that has been thriving for many years by community support without the incentive of profit or cash. Basic Fantasy RPG is a role playing game in the creative commons created by community members contributions and headed by Chris Gonnerman. You can visit the BFRPG site and get involved or just download the full game and all that is available for it at: https://www.basicfantasy.org Check out the SRD here: https://www.basicfantasy.org/srd/  and go visit and say hi on the forums over there post the the message boards and get involved: https://www.basicfantasy.org/forums/

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Today we talk with James Lemon, Editor and Production Director on the Basic Fantasy RPG and Chris Gonnerman the Author of BFRPG.

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Also check out our talk with the folks of Secret Table talking about Against the Grey which you can find here: https://rattiincantati.com/products/against-the-grey

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