How about some Superhero or Sci-Fi RPGs? Episode 01

Our first episode is here! And on today’s episode we look at a Superhero RPG that is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and a Scifi Game currently funding on kickstarter as well. You can listen to the episode early on Patreon here:

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We are joined by Christian Kessler, creator of Longshot City being published by Melsonian Arts Council and Wythe the Creator of Stillfleet.

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We talked to Wythe on the Wobblies & Wizards podcast in February of 2023 and September of 2022, you can check it out here:

Today’s episode shout outs to: Space penguin Ink  and Delta Green

Qadida is a new setting sourcebook for Stillfleet, featuring new classes, species, advanced powers, and a full-length venture! The campaign starts this June.


QUEENS, New York City, NY, May 11th, 2023 — They’re at it again! The team behind Stillfleet is publishing a new book, after last year’s successful campaign for the long-awaited Stillfleet Core Rulebook exceeded their wildest expectations: it netted $43,855 from over 600 backers, smashing through various stretch goals. In addition, the campaign raised another $5,615 in late pledges. This time, the goal is funding and releasing Qadida, a spy-filled gazetteer by writer Ian Derk.

Qadida takes Stillfleet and the Grit System that powers it (SRD coming soon!) into a world of espionage, assassination, and warfare that is quiet, cold, and high-stakes for the entire network of worlds exploited by the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters. Half of the eponymous domed city of Qadida has been seized by an anarcho-socialist rival organization, and the entire city’s soul and survival are at stake. Fans of Blades in the Dark and Spire looking for similar flavors in other settings and systems will find plenty to love in Qadida.

And since we’re dropping names, let’s quote Grant Howitt of Spire, Heart, and many one-page-RPGs fame: “Stillfleet has precisely the sort of sci-fi tone that I like, in that it’s so soft you could spread it on toast. It’s chock-full of Interesting Weird. There are several kinds of magic sword, the rulebook looks like a prog-rock album cover, and very little presented in the fiction is explainable or explained.”

This 100-page setting sourcebook features:

  • 4 new playable classes of spy-themed voidminer
  • A new playable species—unhumans
  • An entire new advanced powers list—espionage
  • Dozens of factions
  • City-based random encounters, including police checkpoints and demilitarized-zone traps
  • New market tech and wondrous archaetech
  • Unforgettable locations and NPCs in and around the domed/divided city
  • A full (ad)venture to pull your table into webs of intrigue right away


Qadida—and everything by Stillfleet—is proudly Human Made. The team bringing Qadida to life is:

  • Ian Derk (writer): Ian has a PhD in communication and teaches at a university in the southwestern US. This is his first TTRPG book and he comes out swinging! You can reach him on Twitter @IanDerk.
  • Wythe Marschall (Stillfleet’s lead game designer): is an anthropologist and science communicator—you may know him as the writer of Crash Course: History of Science—who spends a lot of time “thinking about the future of living things on our dying planet through the lens of work and organizations.” You can reach him on Twitter @hollowearths.
  • Ethan Gould (artist, game designer): makes art—drawing, illustration, writing, puppetry, video, and costume design—for clients in a broad range of fields. You can reach him on Instagram @spectralhouse.
  • Sunaree “Kae” Paiwong (graphic design, layout): is a professional animator who has worked in advertising for over a decade. You can check out her personal photography on Instagram @eeranu5.
  • Stephen Aubrey (editor, game designer): is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, dramaturg, lecturer, storyteller, recovering medievalist, and lifelong gamer. You can learn more about him via his site.
  • Aaron H. (banshee, game designer): is a professional developer and DJ. He made the official Stillfleet app, STRINGS. You can learn more about him via his site.
  • Jedd Cole (editor): is a professional writer and editor. His previous editing work includes Stillfleet Studio’s venture The Rain Thieves. You can find him on Twitter @jeddcole.


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