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Here at the Helpful Hobo we share links to help other like minded folks and pals to be able to share, engage in Mutual Aid, and organize. Please take some time to visit our friends and share!

Founded in 2011, Co-op Cincy nurtures a resilient, interconnected network of worker-owned businesses in Greater Cincinnati. Our goal: an economy that works for all.

Our distro mainly focuses on anarchist tactics and skill-building. This means that we have a lot of zines on direct action, organizing, starting projects (ex: collectives, study groups, prisoner support projects), decision-making, street tactics, security, affinity groups, how we relate to each other, etc.

The Anchor Archive Zine Library is a collectively-run, non-profit library with a collection of over 7000 zines from the local area and around the world. It has been providing access to independent media, art, and local zine history and culture since 2005 through operating the library and offering tools, resources, and programming for making zines.

Is an online bookshop focused on indie books, zines, and other media that aim to inspire you to change worlds. The part of the multiverse we operate from is currently most widely known as Oshawa, Ontario.

Anarchist Zine Library is a reboot of the long-gone site. As happy users of zinelibrary, we were sad to see it fade away. After some effort, we are pleased to have finally brought it back! We started with their entire collection of pdfs and metadata, and combed through it for our favorites. The result is 1366 zines and growing.

The Neighborhood Anarchist Collective (NAC) strives to grow the anarchist movement through strategic direct action and by providing a welcoming environment for education and participation. We organize locally to help build a society where neighbors support each other to meet basic needs, individuals are free to follow their passions, and empowered communities collectively shape the future.


Hopefully this list will grow with our community!