Zines, Comics and a Print Shop

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First off, check out our link tree here: https://linktr.ee/hoboscollective

Today we talk about some cool zines we recently got and we give s brief update on the collective and some of the progress we have made in getting the print shop co-cop up and running. The first zine we look at is from our sponsor Brooklet Games, Worldlings Tales of Tiny Gods. Listen to the episode where we talked about it here:

Next we talk about I Fucking Earned My Stripes by Dot of the Hobo’s Collective.
You can pick up copies of Unnatural Beasts both issues 1 & 2 as well as Ronnie and Tim on J.A. Cartoonz shop.

You can check out Jacob Fleming’s site, the author of Scourge of the Northlands right here: https://gelatinouscubism.wordpress.com/  He has some nice posts there about the art and process of making this zine on there, and links to find it as well.

You can find copies of Night Yeast #1 and Night Yeast #2 if they are still in stock.

You can follow T Edward Bak on their link tree, and pick up a copy of Remote Viewer #1 here.


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