Let us build a tower

We are joined today by Caleb Wimble to talk about Let us Build A Tower: A Mythic Bronze Agew Adventure in Babel. You can back it here: https://www.letusbuildatower.com/kickstarter

You can find Caleb online here:

This one-of-a-kind OSR dungeon crawl takes players back thousands of years to a temple-city in the throes of apocalypse. There they ascend the ever-changing Tower to Heaven, braving the curse of chaos in hopes of reaching the ultimate reward at the Tower’s heights.

120+ illustrated hardcover pages reveal shifting chambers, angelic horrors, and more than 80 creatures of Mesopotamian myth and biblical tales amidst this ancient temple-city of wonders. A Tower Generator web app helps bring this unique world seamlessly to life, allowing referees to run entire adventures with a few easy taps or clicks. Thanks to the curse of chaos, no two delves are ever the same. There’s always something new, strange, and surprising to encounter for players and referees alike.


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