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Gonzo Times Issue #1


USMC veterans antiwar writings.

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A collection of various anti-war writings from Shane Thayer (@PunkJohnnyCash), originally published at Gonzo Times Blog over several years. This volume expresses the opinions of a veteran working in a USMC public affairs office who, after leaving the Corps, became active in the anti-war movement during the George W Bush presidency.

The military is an unnecessary evil. We are told constantly that our freedom and liberty are protected by the use of guns against other people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many may disagree with a policy or war, but fail to see that the opposition I hold is not to just one war or certain wars, but to the existence of a military in general. Armies and Police are not necessary to protect. They are necessary to maintain power over others. Protection exists outside of militant forces. Armies and Police do not protect, they retaliate. They are in the business of retribution. Many Christian faiths reinforce the myth of peace and protection through violence through their myth of redemptive violence. They focus on Jesus being murdered seeing the violence as their redemption and fail to see him as the victim of the sanctioned state violence that he was. These messages from our films, religions and legends work together to build the myth that the bad guys must be killed by the good guys, violence is peace and redemption.

CONTENT WARNING: The following writings are the product of trauma brought about by sanctioned state violence. Subjects inside this zine may be triggering for many.


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